Cinco de Mayo

What some of you may have seen earlier on facebook:

Kathryn Plasencia is skipping out on Cinco de Mayo festivities for the first time EVER. Waaaaah! Seriously, though, I’m not Mexican. My family should celebrate Peru’s independence day, or Colombia’s. Or Germany’s or something. But today I just don’t have the right ingredients for a Mexican dinner. We ate ’em all already. 6 hours ago.

Kathryn Plasencia scratch that. Cinco de Mayo dinner @ my parents’ house tonight. I’m cooking Colombian-flavored meat, which will be served w/ gringo veggies on Mexican tortillas and eaten by 1 Peruvian, 2 African Americans, 1 white/black/greek, 4 half-Cajuns, and 3 European mutts.

My rebellious side is telling me we should have crêpes for dessert. 2 hours ago.

So here I stand in the kitchen, cooking the meat and chopping veggies to take along for our multiracial we-all-beat-the-French-even-though-we’ve-got-plenty-of-French-blood celebration.

And people wonder why I’m weird.

Here’s my recipe for enough taco meat to feed our clan (and hopefully still have some leftovers):

5 or 6 pounds 85% lean ground beef
8 Tablespoons Kathy’s (secret) Latino Seasoning
1-2 cups finely chopped onion OR 2 teaspoons onion powder

1. Throw everything in the Amazing Ginormous 4¾ qt Skillet.
2. Heat and stir until deliciously brown and almost ready to burn. Or at least until you’re tired of standing at the stove.
3. Serve with your favorite taco/enchilada/burrito/fajita/insert-yummy-latino-dish-here accessories. Or freeze for use at a later date.

Get your own Amazing Ginormous 4¾qt Skillet at Amazon by clicking this picture:

KitchenAid Gourmet Distinctions Stainless-Steel 4-3/4-Quart Covered Saute Pan with Helper Handle

Okay, okay! I’ll give you my secret Latino Seasoning recipe too. Minus two ingredients. (Oh, it’ll still taste good, but not as good. So stay tuned for the opening of my etsy-ish store someday in the distant future.)

Garlic powder    2 Tbsp + 1 tsp
Chili powder    2 Tbsp + 1 tsp
Cumin (ground)    2 tsp
Paprika        1 tsp
Oregano (dried)    1 tsp
Cilantro (dried)    1 tsp
Ground Cayenne    ½ tsp
Secret #1        ½ tsp
Secret #2        ½ tsp

1. Start by finding a large, clean, well-dried spice container or jar.
2. Add everything on the following list.
3. Close the lid and shake well.


Now my cooking is done, and I must dress the chillins before it’s time to leave. Happy eating, everyone


One thought on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. ooh, latino seasoning! if only you could sprinkle it on men! …i don't know where that came from…it doesn't even make sense, really…

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