Why is sleep necessary?

Why can’t we just go on, day in and day out without resting? Life would be so much simpler that way! 

Yesterday was one of those days when, no matter how much work I did, no matter how many things I crossed off my to-do list, there simply was not enough time in the day. You know how it goes… I woke up early, made a dozen or so phone calls, filled out some paperwork, stretched a little, worked on class assignments, took care of my usual fifty thousand daily tasks, attended a school function, caught up on some email, checked out an online sale that my mom wanted me to look at, and spent about an hour watching old episodes of SCRUBS with my man. But then it was midnight – it was tomorrow – and the four-year-old woke up. Twenty or so minutes later, I finally went to bed.

What a day! And of course, as you might have guessed, my alarm did not go off this morning. It always has a way of doing that on the days when I most need a blaring noise to rouse me out of bed. Maybe it’s God’s way of telling me to get more sleep. Maybe I subconsciously rolled over in the wee hours of the morning and adjusted the tuner and volume. Because, technically, it did go off, just not audibly. The radio station I have it tuned to was nothing but quiet static, which I was not able to hear until almost a full minute after my guy finally woke me up. Two hours late.
So here I am, at the time when I should be feeding my children, ranting and wondering: Why can’t we just cut sleep out of the schedule? God didn’t have to take that nap on the seventh day; He could’ve left it out. So why must I waste so much time each day in bed? Do you ever wonder the same thing?


4 thoughts on “Why is sleep necessary?

  1. This is too funny…I usually wonder the opposite: "Why can't I spend more time sleeping?! Why do I have to get up to go to work 5 out of 7 days of every week?! It's not FAIR!"Though you do have a point. If I functioned better on less sleep, then I wouldn't want to sleep/nap so much, and I'd probably be a heck of a lot more productive!

  2. one of my biggest fears is the alarm not going off! waking up late is the WORST thing ever! it would definitely be nice if we didn't ever have to sleep- we'd get so much more done!

  3. I totally hear ya! I feel like I have been spending entirely too much time sleeping lately!Stopping by from SITS and following.

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