I hate blue.

But today I am wearing a blue shirt, my man is wearing blue at work, and all my kiddos are dressed in blue. Why? Because today is WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY.

Most of us have heard of autism. Many of us have seen the movie Rainman, where Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise teamed up to play an autistic man and his “normal” brother. Some of us have a friend of a friend who has a relative with autism. And then there are those of us who are blessed (though sometimes it feels like we’re cursed) to have loved one who is on the Autism spectrum.

We chosen few who are touched so closely, so deeply, by this intriguing “disorder” can proudly say that we have been forever changed. To know an autistic child, to watch him or her grow into a functioning person, to meet an adult who has overcome the daunting obstacles of autism,  is truly a gift like no other!

So today I wear blue in honor of those I hold dear: my cousin Jonathan (17), my brother Lincoln (10), my son Isaiah (5), and myself (I’ve yet to be officially diagnosed, but when you’ve seen it, you know it).

If you’d like to know more about autism, go here.

Who are you wearing blue for today?


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