Another Day

Here I am again, and yet another day is halfway over. My youngest has turned a year old and hit the terrible twos simultaneously. Only three birthdays left to go this month… unless, of course, you count friends and relatives, but I’m choosing not to count them. Don’t wanna get us all overwhelmed now. =P

Today I started a new Bible study: Wising Up by Beth Moore. I can’t afford the book, but I’m listening to her weekly broadcast here and using the $5 downloaded listening guide. So far, so good. I just hope to catch up on the old broadcasts before they’re taken down.

Not much to say, really. I’m wishing I had the money to start up a real website, as I have recently come up with several good money-making ideas. But instead, I’ve been doing a pay-to-click thing with After a total of maybe 2 hours of opening links over the course of about three days, I’m only $1 away from  my first payout, so I’d say it’s worth a few minutes every here-and-there. And I suppose once I earn enough there I can start thinking about having my own site again. We’ll see.

As for now, I must get to work reading for the classes that start next week.


One thought on “Another Day

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