Just Another Manic Monday

It’s Monday. My house is a wreck from the super-busy weekend, the fridge needs to be organized after a several-hundred-dollar grocery day, and this third cup of coffee just isn’t doing it. So here I sit at the computer, setting up a new weight-control account, writing about not feeling like doing anything, and wondering if I’ll be able to get a shower today.

Kid #1 is at school. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are watching Dinosaur Train. And #5 is roaming around trying to find things a 10 month old shouldn’t get into. My man, of course has been at work for over an hour now and expects a steak when he comes home this evening.

Steak is good – something to look forward to, to prompt me to get moving so I have time to cook it alongside some taters and a spinach salad. And after all the rearranging we did in the kitchen yesterday, that means about 2 hours worth of organizing and cleaning up before I can even think about using counter space or turning on the stove.

I love to clean. No one who walks into my house would ever believe that, though, since the kids have the place in a perpetual disaster. But in all honesty, next to reading, writing and going to concerts, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom may be my favorite thing to do. There’s something so rewarding about a shiny countertop smiling up at you after you’ve scrubbed it mercilessly for longer than you probably should have.

And now I smell a poopy diaper, so I’m gonna shut up until later. Hope you’re all having a happy day!


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